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Strategy for selling weekly options on index funds

Absolute return | liquidity management

Target net return
Forms of implementation of the strategy

Investment fund

annual return (USD)
monthly loss
with NASDAQ-100
*The financials were calculated for the 10-month period of testing the strategy on the company's own account. The trial, using the Group partners’ own capital, ran from September 2020 to December 2021.
Investment thesis

LAIF trades weekly options on Invesco QQQ Trust ETF (QQQ) — the largest and most liquid ETF that tracks NASDAQ-100 index. | QQQ options are a popular instrument for hedging market risk and short-term trading in the High Tech sector.

Fund writes CBOE-listed QQQ options, generating returns by enabling market participants to hedge market exposure or to bet on short-term market movements. | Premiums collected from written options are the source of fund’s returns. | Due to ineffective pricing and high volatility of short-term options, LAIF strategy is able generate stable, low volatility returns while maintaining conservative risk profile.

Investment strategy

LAIF strategy is based on a complex analytical system which includes mathematical, technical and structural analysis of historical performance of the underlying asset (NASDAQ-100), as well as analysis of the distribution and concentration of option contracts open interest, macroeconomic and news background, and risk management parameters.

Positions in QQQ options are opened on a weekly basis with 2-5 days to expiration and held to expire. | The main tasks of the portfolio managers are: (1) select the options within the target yield parameters, yet with a negligible probability of being executed and (2) sell the selected options over the course of the week at the highest possible price.

Key features
Higher returns during market
corrections and various crises
Low volatility
of returns
risk profile
Investing in LAIF Fund
Stable return with a conservative
risk profile and no management fee
Basic parameters
Types of Investors
Eligible investors, other than US persons, politicians and high-ranking officials, who have passed KYC and AML procedures.
Investment options
Directly from a private person or a company, through a brokerage account in a bank or broker, through a holding account in an insurance company.
Main terms for investors
Management fee
Performance fee
20/25% (applied only after
the minimum return
is reached*)
Minimum return
for Performance fee
4% USD | 2% EUR | 4% GBP
Minimum subscription
via broker
$100 000
via administrator
$250 000
Subscription and redemption
Fund facts
Country of registration
Cayman Islands
Start of operations
July 2021
APEX Fund Services
The Northern Trust
Value of 100 USD invested since 1 September 2020

*including 10-month period of testing the strategy on the company's own account. The trial, using the Group partners’ own capital, ran from September 2020 to July 2021.

Fees & Bloomberg ISIN
Name Commitment Management
Divedends Bloomberg ISIN
Class 1 USD 250 000 0% 25% No KYG1R84N1597
Class 2 USD 1 000 000 0% 20% No KYG1R84N1670
Class 3 USD - - - No KYG1R84N1753
Class 4 EUR 250 000 0% 25% No KYG1R84N1910
Class 5 EUR 1 000 000 0% 20% No KYG1R84N2090
Class 7 GBP 250 000 0% 25% No KYG1R84N2256
Class 8D USD 250 000 0% 25% Yes KYG1R84N1837
Portfolio management team
Andrei Movchan
Managing Partner, Movchan’s Group
  • 27 years of experience in financial markets.
  • Formerly, executive director of the largest Russian investment firm «Troika Dialog» (after 2012, Sberbank-CIB); founder and chairman of the board of «Renaissance Investment Management» (assets under management of more than $7 bln).
  • Recipient of numerous awards, including “Best Asset Manager” by Forbes Russia, «Best CEO of an Asset Management Company» by RBC, «Legend of Industry» by SPEAR’S, «Manager of the Year» by RBC.
  • Winner of high school and university mathematics and computer science olympics; specialist in Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics.
  • Graduated from: the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics of the Moscow State University; Russian State Financial University; University of Chicago Booth Business School.
Michael Portnoy
Portfolio Manager, LAIF
  • 23 years of experience in financial markets.
  • 12 years of experience in analysis and development of trading strategies and in systematic trading of equities and derivatives.
  • 7 years of experience in selection, analysis and management of hedge-fund portfolios and portfolios of absolute return strategies in global financial and commodities markets.
  • Worked at major Russian banks and wealth management firms: Alfa-Bank, Bank URALSIB, GHP Group, UK MDM, Alfa Capital; headed departments of Global Markets, Hedge Funds and CTAs.
  • Specialist in absolute return and market-neutral strategies in futures and options markets.
  • Graduated from Baruch College CUNY (Finance & Investments).

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