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GEIST SP (Global Equity InveSTment) Fund

A perfect solution for an individual investor to enter global equity market
The Fund’s Objective

In the long-term, to deliver a better relative return (the return in relation to a unit of risk) than the return delivered by the S&P 500*

In the short-term, during the periods of falling or stagnating markets, to deliver better dynamics than the performance of the S&P 500

*while allowing for some lagging in periods of rapid growth and excessive valuations

Basic Parameters
Types of Investors
Eligible investors, other than US persons, politicians and high-ranking officials, who have passed KYC and AML procedures.
Investment options
Directly from a private person or a company, through a brokerage account in a bank or broker, through a holding account in an insurance company.
The type of the fund
Country of registration
Cayman Islands
Start of operations
July 2020
Base currency
Reporting NAV
Commission on entry/exit
NA (Not applicable)
Minimum subscription value
$100 000, €100 000
Dividend distribution
NA (Not applicable)
Apex Fund Services
The Northern Trust

Dynamics of Net Asset Value per share

*NAV per share for only two classes is demonstrated as an example. The rest of the classes are not included in the graph in order to simplify its interpretation.

Since its launch (for 11 month), the fund has demonstrated the following results:

  • USD I share class: net return of 10.6% per annum for the investor (with a volatility of 5.4% and Sharpe ratio of 1.8). Net return for 5 month of 2021 calculated 5.2%.
  • USD II share class: net return for the investor is 12.5% per annum (with the volatility of 3.8% and Sharpe ratio of 3.6). Net return for 5 month of 2021 calculated 5.6%
  • *USD II share class was launched 01.12.2020

  • USD III share class: net return for the investor is 12.9% per annum (with the volatility of 5.9% and Sharpe ratio of 2). Net return for 5 month of 2021 calculated 6.3%.
Fees & Bloomberg ISIN
Class Minimum
Bloomberg ISIN
USD I $100 000 1,25% 15% of net
NAV appreciation
USD II $1 000 000 1% 10% of net
NAV appreciation
USD III $100 000 1% 50% of net NAV appreciation
above S&P 500 TR
EUR I €100 000 1,25% 15% of net
NAV appreciation
EUR II €1 000 000 1% 10% of net
NAV appreciation
Investment Declaration
Equity securities

Under normal circumstances, the SP will invest primarily but not exclusively in equity securities of medium and large capitalization companies from the developed countries.


  • the Investment Manager defines as developed those countries whose GDP per capita is at least USD30 thousand as calculated by International Monetary Fund;
  • a company is considered to be a company from a developed country if it is organized under the laws of such a country or maintains its principal place of business in such a country or its shares are traded in such a country;
  • the Investment Manager defines medium and large capitalization companies as companies that at the time of purchase have market capitalization of at least USD200 million.

Equity securities include primarily common stocks, as well as preferred stocks, convertible securities (such as convertible preferred stock or convertible debt securities), derivatives (such as options and warrants), and equity of real estate investment trusts (“REITs”).

Fixed-income securities

The Segregated Portfolio may also invest up to 20% of its assets in non-equity securities, such as fixed income securities, for temporary employment of spare cash, hedging purposes or if the Investment Manager believes that a company’s fixed income securities offer more potential for long-term total return with less risk than an investment in its equity securities.

Cash and cash equivalents

Although the Segregated Portfolio normally holds a portfolio of equity and fixed-income securities, the Segregated Portfolio is not required to be fully invested in such securities and may maintain a significant portion of its total assets in cash and securities generally considered to be cash equivalents. There is no limit on cash and cash equivalents as percentage of Total Assets of the SP.

The proportion of the Segregated Portfolio’s assets invested in each type of asset class will vary from time to time based upon the Investment Manager’s assessment of general market and economic conditions.


The Investment Manager is allowed to make trades with derivatives (stock put-options and call-options) in case the stock is considered to be of high quality and the Manager is ready to include it into the portfolio in case of an execution. This type of instrument will be used when the securities are overvalued or expensive.


The Investment Manager composes a focused portfolio of 16 to 30 securities as it believes that 16 securities are enough to eliminate nearly all specific (non-market) investment risk, while further diversification may significantly reduce the quality of a portfolio without contributing to risk reduction. At the same time the Investment Manager attempts to achieve a diversification of the Segregated Portfolio among selected market sectors, industries and countries. However, there may be times when Segregated Portfolio may hold a substantial portion of its assets in one particular sector at a given time.

The Segregated Portfolio’s is managed based on the best principles of value investing. The Investment Manager invests in stocks that it considers to be undervalued compared to its estimate of their intrinsic value.


The Segregated Portfolio is allowed to sell securities short but will do so in exceptional cases, as short sales create very high-risk exposure compared to creation of long positions. Generally, the Investment Manager adopts buy and hold strategy and expects a turnover of a portfolio to be low; however, nothing in this Offering Supplement or in other documents precludes the Investment Manager from engaging from time to time in more frequent trading, whenever the Investment Manager will consider that appropriate and in the best interests of the Shareholders. The Investment Manager typically will sell a stock when it believes that its price is unlikely to go higher, its fundamental factors have changed, its share in a portfolio exceeded a maximum allocation level, or other investments offer better opportunities.

Управление на собственном счете клиента

Услуга подразумевает применение Флагманской стратегии на личном счете клиента, открытом в удобном для него банке или брокере.

Преимущества внешнего управления:

предоставление консультаций по упрощению

максимальная ликвидность капитала

предоставление индивидуальных подробных отчетов от управляющих

Базовые условия


Доллар США

Минимальный размер

5 000 000

за управление


за доход


Company Information

This webpage is operated by Careful Investments SPC - GLOBAL EQUITY INVESTMENT FUND (GEIST) SP registered in Cayman Islands as a Segregated Portfolio of the exempted company incorporated with limited liability and registered as a segregated portfolio company under the laws of the Cayman Islands and registered as a mutual fund under the Mutual Funds Law (as amended) of the Cayman Islands with company registration number 1641581.

To verify https://www.cima.ky/upimages/commonfiles/QuarterlyListofallMutualFundsregisteredandlicensedwiththeCaymanIslandsMonetaryAuthority-31December2020_1610460966.pdf

The registered address of company:
Willow House, Cricket Square, PO Box 709, Grand Cayman KY1-1107, Cayman Islands


Only Eligible Investors who are Non-U.S. Persons could invest to GLOBAL EQUITY INVESTMENT FUND (GEIST) SP.

Compliance Information

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If you are unsure about the meaning of any information provided, you must consult an appropriate regulated financial or other professional adviser. An investment in Careful Investments SPC - GLOBAL EQUITY INVESTMENT FUND (GEIST) SP is speculative and involves a high degree of risk. An investment in the products referred to in this website is suitable only for investors who can afford to lose all or a portion of their investment. No one should commit to invest a large percentage of their readily marketable assets in Careful Investments SPC - GLOBAL EQUITY INVESTMENT FUND (GEIST) SP. There can be no assurance that the investment objective of any of the products will be achieved and investment results may vary substantially over time. Investment in any of the products is not intended to be a complete investment program for any investor. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. The price of units or shares can go down as well as up and may be affected by changes in rates of exchange. Income from investments may also fluctuate and be affected by changes in the rates of exchange. Data is complimentary to and not a substitute for independent professional advice from a person qualified to provide it in your home country. The information contained on this website is subject to copyright with all rights reserved.

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