Investment consulting

We offer a full range of investment consulting services, including advisory of clients on their current portfolios and strategies, supervise special-purpose portfolios composition process.

One of the most demanded service in our in consulting track is an "Investment Portfolio Expertise".

If you already manage your investments independently or with the help of professional consultants, brokers and management companies, our independent expertise will be an important final step in improving the investment process and investment results..

Our expertise will be helpful in, the following cases: :

You are dissatisfied with the quality of your investment portfolio or the distribution of available funds

You do not have enough time to manage your investments

You need help in ensuring that your structure complies with legal regulations

You would like to receive advice regarding your investment portfolio  systematically

You have difficulties interacting with various elements of the investment system

You do not have enough information to make investment decisions and evaluate proposals

You are not sure whether you understand all the risks of your investment activity.

You would like to improve a legal structure, that supports your investments

You need to ensure that you comply with tax regulations and pay taxes on income from investments

Important limitations

We do not give a legal opinion and do not provide brokerage services.

We are not acting as trustee and do not perform operations on our behalf in the interests of third parties

We do not provide logistics, secretarial and concierge services.

We are not a tax advisor, our tax recommendations are general and preliminary.

Investment portfolio expertise

Evaluation of the client’s investment portfolio, investment offers, and investment process control

Investment portfolio audit

  • Evaluation of current investment instruments for compliance with the objectives of the client
  • Presenting a second opinion on the chosen investment strategy

Restructuring of the investment portfolio

  • Development of an investment plan in accordance with specified objectives and restrictions
  • Regular assessment of portfolio effectiveness and timely rebalancing
  • Recommendations for diversifying and improving the quality of the investment portfolio

Investment accounting

  • Conducting consolidated management accounting for the portfolio, assessing the tax and administrative burden

Optimization of the communication with providers

Accompanying customer relations with brokers
banks, and providers
of custodial and trading service

Selection of the best providers

  • Formation of a list of potential providers that meet customer needs
  • Help in choosing the optimal provider

Control of cooperation with providers

  • Representing clients interests in negotiations with providers
  • Assistance in the selection of documents and certificates required for onboarding procedures
  • Risk control of the interaction with providers

Maintenance of interaction with authorities

  • Support in the preparation of a document package for the Russian tax authority on CFC and foreign accounts
  • Support and advise on the necessary regular reporting

Specific requests

Professional advice, second opinion and other assistance in one-time investment and structural issues of the client

Investment Analytics

  • Brief analytical reports and data collection on markets, asset classes, and specific investment
  • In-depth assessment of the potential investment in certain securities upon request
  • One-time recommendations on reducing the risks and improving portfolio quality

Consulting on investment and tax legislation

  • Assessment of tax burden, the formation of proposals for its optimization
  • Recommendations on compliance with the “presence” conditions for foreign client’s companies
  • Review on specific topics of tax or investment legislation
  • Selection of a legal tax consultant for the problem, examination of the deal results

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